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Around Vigo there are many villages that deserve a visit. ¡ Discover them!
This villa of sailors has an interesting old town and amazing beaches. We recommend a visit to Cabo Home, very close to Islas Cíes and Monte do Facho and the Celtic remains on the top.

Before the diversion to Cabo Home, you should stop in O Hío and see the Calvary Cruceiro do Hío. From Vigo you can go to Cangas by road crossing the bridge of Rande or using the ship that connects both villages every day.
Moaña is a villa of sailors that has a nice seaside, special natural areas as A Fraga or the waterfall of A Moura and archaeological remains as the dolmen of Chan de Arquiña. All of these interesting points deserve a visit.

You can go to Moaña by car, bus or ship.
Vilaboa is known for its carnivals, but it also has other points of interest: Salinas de Ulló, where salt was extracted and the tide mill.

You can also visit the lake of Castiñeiras in a beautiful park where you can walk around the lake and visit Cotorredondo viewpoint with amazing 360º views.
It is a famous villa thanks to the castle and the botanic garden, included in the camellia route. You should also visit the hanging bridge between Oitavén and Verdugo rivers or the viewpoint in A Peneda. Finally, a walk by the seaside in Arcade on the oyster day is mandatory.
The best time for visiting Redondela is during the Corpus party. During this time you can admire the rugs, the Coca (fiction of a dragon that used to kidnap women until young people defeated it), the dance of penlas and swords.

During the rest of the year you should visit San Simón archipelago (better with a guide), the train tunnels, A Peneda Mountain or Cesantes beach.
The 1st of May 1493 La Pinta was arriving to Baiona with news of America discover. Nowadays there is a copy of the caravel that you can visit.

In Baiona you should visit he old town, Monterreal fortress, the Virgen de la Roca, the bridge of A Ramallosa or the old collegiate church Santa María de Baiona.
The archipelago of the Ons, in Pontevedra estuary, is a part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. This is the only island inhabited of the National Park.

Nevertheless, you can walk around or have a sunbath in the beach.

To get to the island you can get maritime public transport from Bueu, Sanxenxo or Portonovo.
The city has one of the most beautiful historic centres of Galicia. Here you can find the Santuario de la Virgen de la Peregrina, Santo Domingo ruins, the boulevard, the square of O Teucro, or the basilic of Santa María.

You can also visit the new museum of Pontevedra, considering one of the most important local museums of Spain.
This municipality has a monastery with a giant mosaic of the Camino de Santiago, one of the biggest raised granaries of Galicia, the museum of Cristobal Colón, the route of mills in Samieira, the historic centre of Combarro with its raised granaries or the archaeological area in Caeira.