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Urban routes
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Urban routes
Casco Vello (Old town)
The best way to discover the old town of Vigo is to wander. You can access from Puerta del Sol or the harbor, near the tourism office. In the city centre you will find the co-cathedral, the main church of the city; you can also discover Calle Cesteiros (owes its name to the basket crafters), Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza de la Princesa where you can have good wine and tapas.

In A Pedra market you can try delicious oysters every morning. Very close to the market is the Casa de Ceda (headquarters of Camoes institute), the Casa Galega da Cultura or the Visitors Centre of the National Park.
Urban routes
Majestic Vigo
From Calle García Borbón to Calle Policarpo Sanz and Puerta del sol, passing by Calle Marqués de Valladares you can find some examples of buildings from the end of 19th century like the theatre A Fundación from Antonio Palacios, located in Calle Policarpo Sanz. You can check the full list in the website of Tourism in Vigo.
Urban routes
Literary Vigo
Vigo was the scene for many writers to place their stories: Jules Verne (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas), Domingo Villar (series of books with detective Caldas starring) or Otero Pedrayo (Guide of Galicia) are some examples.

We propose to read some of these books to make a different city tour.
Urban routes
At night
If you want to have a drink early at night, the best place is in the old town.

If you rather some music, but you do not like commercial rhythms, you should visit Churruca, where you will find rock and indie music. For modern music visit Calle Areal or Samil beach.