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Green Areas
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Urban nature. There is more than culture in Vigo. The city is plenty of nature to unwind.
Green Areas
Monte de A Guía
In this mountain, on the top of Teis, you will find the hermitage of A Nosa Señora das Neves and one of the most beautiful views of Vigo.

To get here you can follow the blue track. It is a circle shape path of less than 6 km that will lead you from the sea level to 128 m high on the top of the mountain. On your way you can admire the Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica) or Spanish festoon butterfly.
Green Areas
Cíes Islands

Cíes Islands are part of Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. It is an archipelago composed of three islands: the Northern island or Monteagudo, the Middle island or Faro and the Southern island or San Martiño.

Northern Island and Middle island used to be separated; nowadays they are connected through Rodas beach, one of the most beautiful of the world.

You can reach them by public transport in high season (Easter and from May 15th until September/ October). It is recommended to book the boat in advance due to a visitors limit per day.

On the islands you can practise trekking through signalised tracks, diving (previous authorization needed), stay overnight in the camping (previous authorization needed) or just sunbathe on the beach.

It is recommended to go to the Visitors Centre of the National Park in Calle Palma to receive detailed information and plan the visit.

Green Areas
Monte de O castro
This landscaped mountain is one of the lungs of Vigo. It offers different points of interest like the fortress on the top, where you can enjoy amazing views of the city; the monument dedicated to Rande gallons (remains of the battle of Rande in 1702), the ancient fortified settlement (2nd century b. C and 3rd century a. C) located on the Northern side; camellias of camellia route; playgrounds for kids; a ducks pond…

When getting down from the mountain, if you skirt the City Hall you will see the remains of San Sebastián fortress.
Green Areas
Castrelos Park
This park is a part of the camellia route, along with O Castro Mountain, and is the other lung of Vigo. It offers multiple possibilities to spend your day: walking by its paths, visit Pazo Quiñones de León museum and its interesting gardens, the lake or the big playground.

If you visit Vigo in summertime, remember to check the concerts schedule of the park.
Green Areas
Senda del Agua (Water Trail)
It is a route along the service road of the water canal that used to carry water from Eiras reservoir (Fornelos de Montes) to Vigo. It is recommendable to visit the part that runs through Redondela, where you can see the estuary of Vigo and bridge of Rande.

You can get here from Calle Cantabria. It is a long route, but you can do the first 13 km and go back by bus from the airport.
Green Areas
Eifonso River PR-G5
It is a 4 km route that runs along native forests, mills, waterfalls and hermitages near the river.

The trail starts in Beade and finish in the forest park.
Green Areas
Camellia route
Camellia route is an itinerary through 12 gardens where this flower is the main theme. In Vigo you can visit two of them: the Pazo Quiñones de León museum (with some of the oldest camellias in Galicia) and O Castro Park.

Camellia flower blooms in January/ February and is appreciated in cosmetics because its benefits for the skin and hair. It is sold as oil.

Check this link to discover all the gardens of the route
Green Areas
The only zoo of Galicia is located in A Madroa. It has mammals from Africa, Asia and America; also local species from the Iberian Peninsula and spaces like Exotarium (insects, arachnids, amphibians and reptiles) or Nocturama (animals with nocturne habits).